It all started right here in Beautiful British Columbia! We are BC Cannabis Inc. We are THE premium craft cannabis cultivation company.

We are BC Cannabis Inc, a majority First Nations owned and operated cannabis cultivation company. Our management team and advisory board holds licensed medical specialists and agricultural experts with experience in drug development, clinical practice and product commercialization.

Our goal is to produce the highest quality medical-grade cannabis. A team of expert growers gives each plant the love and attention they need to flourish. With dedication to quality, integrity, and authenticity, we strive to exceed expectations and industry standards.


Expert Growers

With decades of combined experience, our growers are passionate with a meticulous attention to detail.

Superior Genetics

We have a strong focus on genetics to ensure each of our premium craft cannabis strains are of the highest quality.


Hydroponically/Soil-less Grown

Our techniques ensure development of large, healthy buds with exceptional terpenes and trichomes.